Motorola Mobile Speaker Problem

Motorola Mobile Speaker Problem

Motorola Mobile Speaker Problem

Speaker of the phone is considered to be one of the most vital parts of your phone, and if you are getting speaker problems in your mobile, then you will neither be able to hear everything on call or you will be able to listen to music or watch videos on your phone, but, it will only be good for text purpose. Therefore if you are going through mobile speaker issue then you would definitely want to resolve it in the first place before it gets any worst.


  • • No Sound

  • • Distorted Sound

  • • Low Sound

Reasons of Issues

  • • Dust can be one of the important reasons for no, low and distorted sound.

  • • Physical or water damage on phone’s speaker.

  • • No continuity between speaker’s contacts / terminals and coils.

  • • The volume level may be low.

  • • Speaker is out of order.

  • • A primary capacitor might be short.

  • • Any of the connection between on-board connector & speaker terminal might be broken or damaged.

Potential Solutions

  • • Check Volume of your phone.

  • • Remove any audio app that you think might be interrupting or causing into the normal action.

  • • Restart your phone and Check.

  • • If fail all the above methods then update OS for mobile.

  • • Clean the Speaker hole using the tiny brush.

Hardware Solution

Fixing No Sound while calling issue

If there is no sound at all while calling then all you have to do is to follow the below steps:

  • • Restart your phone; it is known to be an effective temporary solution.

  • • If this method doesn’t work then go to Volume Level in settings.

  • • If that method also doesn’t work then trace the motherboard.

Fixing Noise / Low sound in speaker Issue

If noise or low sound in the speaker then it means that there might be dust on the speaker which is covering mobile speaker and in order to resolve that, all you have to do is to:

  • Open cover of the phone display unit & clean the hole smoothly where the speaker is placed

  • If there is too much dust on the speaker then it is safe to replace the speaker rather than cleaning it, as in this condition cleaning will give you no avail.

  • The connector is closest to the backup battery & the 2 terminals of the speaker from the connector are connected to the diode and from there to a coil.

In order to troubleshoot, you have to do the below steps:

  • Put the jumper on the coil if it is faulty, as one of the causes for this issue is the coil’s connection is open.

  • Check the diode by using the multi meter, if it is weak then change it.

  • If you don’t want to change the diode then change the entire strip that contains the speaker and audio jack, this is certainly going to resolve this issue.

Fix the Speaker Issue

If you have speaker issues, come and get a solution from us. Our Professional expert can fix the issue and get working mobile again.

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