How to Solve Moto Power Button Issues

How to Solve Moto Power Button Issues

Issues - Moto Power Button in Mobile


  • • Moto Mobile not turning ON.

  • • Phone heats up even when power is turned OFF, and also not power ON.

  • • Automatically Power OFF itself.

  • • Mobile switches OFF when any specific application is entered.

Reasons of Problems

  • • The problem might be with your phone’s battery.

  • • Any app might be causing power problems on your phone.

  • • The voltage at battery’s terminal might be lower than the standard voltage.

  • • Power button strip might be faulty.

  • • Phone components might be water damaged.

  • • Power IC may be faulty.

  • • Circuits might be short.


Charge your phone for around 25 minutes & try to turn it on again, however, make sure that phone battery is charging properly.

Mobile switches OFF When Any Specific App is executed

Hard reset your phone and check.

For Random Phone OFF or When App is executed

Uninstall that app which is causing the problem and check.

Hardware Solution

  • • You need to check voltage at battery’s ends, but make sure that you charge your phone’s battery for at least 15 minutes.

  • • If the voltage at the battery terminals is lower than the standard one then change your phone’s battery and check.

  • • Check battery for any drops of water damage, if there are traces of water damage then clean it.

  • • In case the battery is charging properly but the phone is not turning ON then the next you need to replace power button strip, as this might also be the cause of the problem. After replacing power button, check the status of the problem. (Power button strip also includes Volume buttons and Camera button).

  • • Check all capacitors for any water damage or either they are short or not, in case any of them is water damaged or short, replace it.

  • • Now Check the connection of Capacitor–1 with the +VE terminal of the battery, if there is no connection then change Capacitor – 1.

  • • Check Transistor with the help of a multimeter; replace it if it is found to be faulty.

  • • Now check the connection between Capacitor – 2 and the +VE terminal of the battery, replace it if it is found to be the fault.

  • • If you have replaced Capacitor–2 and it is still found to be faulty then you change Power IC. Gently heat Power IC after Check, if it is still giving the same problem, replace it.

  • • If you are handling similar issue even after replacing Power IC, then it means your phone’s board is water damaged. Examine your entire phone’s board for any drops of water damage, clean & remove all the affected areas and check. It will solve this issue.

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