Motorola Phone Battery Drain & Overheating

Motorola Phone Battery Drain & Overheating

Motorola Phone Battery Drain and Overheating

Motorola Mobile is surely known to be one of the most exceptional phones offered by Motorola. Normally, It doesn’t have any problem, however, a good number of users have complained that they are facing rapid battery drain & overheating issues in their new Mobile. We all know that Smartphone’s batteries aren’t that good, but prompt battery drain & overheating is undoubtedly the issue.


  • • Phone battery drains at much higher pace.

  • • Motorola becomes extremely hot during usage.

  • • Phone heats up during charging.

Reasons of Problems

  • • This happens when you use a different charger pin to charge your phone. Use original Motorola charger.

  • • Usage of the phone during charging might also be the cause of the Issue.

  • • Some heavy apps take a lot of charges and might also contribute in heating up your phone.

  • • A good number of apps are running in the background, causing the phone to lose charge over time, this also contributes in heating up your phone.

  • • Usage of outdated OS or earlier firmware also causes.

  • • Outdated apps can also be the cause of this issue.

  • • Your phone battery can also be damaged.

Potential Solutions

  • You need to do some following steps:

  • Go to Settings.

  • From there to “Battery Saver” option (Check it).

  • However, when you can activate battery saver option you will get only a limited number of updates and will also prevent other apps to operate in the background as well as.

  • Exit all the apps that are not in use.

  • Turn the Wi-Fi & Data Bundle off when not in use, this will also help in saving for battery.

  • Check your phone OS or apps that they are updated or not. They will get the similar issue.

  • Also, Check that you don’t have any reprobate apps installed / running on your phone, as such type of apps causes most issues including battery drain, lag problems, phone heat up & etc. So it is better to damage or remove such apps.

  • Next option, you have to go to factory reset.

  • If none of the above-mentioned methods work for you, then you check some other working battery, as Motorola’s battery could also be the cause of the issue.

Resolve Your Moto Phone

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