Motorola Mobile Network Issues

Motorola Mobile Network Issues

Motorola Mobile Network Issues


  • • No network on your phone.

  • • Low signals.

  • • Continually dropping signals.

  • • Phone only searching for the network but not connecting.

  • • Call dropping issue.

Reasons of Issues

  • • Your SIM card might be faulty.

  • • GSM antenna contact might be rusted or might have found some kind of dust.

  • • Your Network Carrier might be having any temporary obstacles.

  • • Antenna contact pins are not properly fit in contact with your GSM antenna contacts.

  • • Any of the coils & capacitors of Network Antenna or Power Amp IC might be broken.


  • • Check & Restart your phone.

  • • Remove and Reinsert your SIM card after check.

  • • Check with any other SIM Card, as SIM card or network carrier might be having issues.

  • • Toggle between various network mode & check.

Hardware Solution

  • • You must do to clean GSM antenna contacts next check, mostly dust or rust becomes the cause of low or no network.

  • • Now extract up GSM antenna contacts pins after check, as most of them time network issue arises due to the fact that GSM antenna pins & contacts are not in contact perfectly.

  • • Check all the components of antenna contact pins. Components comprise of one Coil and multiple Capacitors.

  • • Check If the Coil is damaged then replace it.

  • • Now gently heat Network Antenna after check, if it is still damaged replace it.

  • • Check all the components of Power IC, replace all the broken components.

  • • Gently heat Power Amp IC, remove & fix it next check.

  • • If Power IC is still not working properly then replace it immediately.

All the methods will help you to resolve for Network issues in the best & safest possible manner. Check with hardware method make sure that you have tried all methods to work, as this will help you to save your valuable time, money as well as energy which you will spend in overcoming the issue via hardware method.

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