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How to Pair an iPhone with Motorola Bluetooth

The iPhone 4 features Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect it to a wireless for the headset so you can like music or talk on the phone, hands-free. Motorola has a number of Bluetooth headsets that will operate with the iPhone, changing from the simple device that can only send and receive sounds, to further complex headsets with several microphones and the ability to work with an application to dictate text messages. Before the iPhone & Motorola headset can run together, you have to put them through a pairing process where the iPhone seeks out the headset and connects to it.

Plug your Motorola headset into its charging cable. Let the headset sit and charge for the half hour. If the LED indicator turns green while it is charging, the headset if fully charged, and you can unplug it from the charger.

Place the Motorola headset into pairing mode. The latest Motorola models will automatically go into pairing mode when they can't find a current connection. Turn off any devices that the headset may have been connected with earlier. Turn on the headset and look for a solid blue indicator light. On some earlier Motorola headsets, you may have to switch the headset off, then hold the main headset button for up to eight seconds, in order to make the headset into pairing mode.

Tap the "Settings" icon on the iPhone to access the "Settings" menu. Tap "General" in the menu button, then touch "Bluetooth" to open up the Bluetooth screen.

Tap "Bluetooth" at the top of the screen to switch connectivity of Bluetooth on. Once it is on, the iPhone will automatically search for any nearby Bluetooth devices that are in pair mode.

Choose your Motorola Bluetooth headset from the list of found devices. Enter "0000" when the iPhone requires you to enter a PIN number. Tap "Connect" at the top of the device to complete the pairing process.

How to Pair an iPhone with Motorola H500

To create the expression of a tech-savvy, iPhone-using individual, you must have a Bluetooth headset to complete it. You can pair several Bluetooth headsets with an iPhone. The Motorola H500 is no difference to that. Both Motorola and Apple’s Bluetooth set-up process is quick & fast, so you’ll be saying with people by new Bluetooth on your iPhone in a couple of minutes.

Charge the H500 headset fully before pursuing to pair. Normally, it needs 2-3 hours to charge the headset.

Press and hold the “Call” button on the headset for 6-10 seconds. The outside LED light will turn on indicating that the phone is in pairing mode.

Select “Settings” on the iPhone home screen.

Choose “General,” then “Bluetooth.”

Choose to turn Bluetooth on.

Wait for the phone to seek for in-range devices.

Select the H500 from the list of devices.

Enter the headset passkey to complete the pairing. By default, this is “0000.”

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