How to Solve Moto Mobile Motherboard issues

How to Solve Moto Mobile Motherboard issues

Issues - Moto Mobile Motherboard

The motherboard, 'system board' or 'main board', is the backbone of Motorola Mobile. All integrated hardware (for example the microprocessor and RAM) is attached on its surface, and thanks to it the connection between the various parts of your mobile is made possible. Quite obviously, is one of the most important components of any electronic device?

If you suspect your Motorola Moto motherboard is damaged, you have to watch, since it is the most serious damage that can occur in Moto device and can prevent you from using it. Notwithstanding rush to consider that the damage is irreparable.

You will get the solution from the following steps for charging problems.


  • • Moto Mobile is Dead

  • • Waterlog damage

  • • IC short issues

  • • Screen is blank

  • • Not Charging Moto Mobile

Reasons of Issues

  • • broken connector on the motherboard

  • • Mobile doesn't power on, or it overheats.

  • • Network loss

  • • Any part of your Moto is showing signs of malfunction, still, you fixed it and the replacement part is not at responsibility. For Example -

    • - Your device is not charging.

    • - The LCD screen is blank.

    • - No camera is recognized.


We are able to find even the tiniest problem of malfunction on the motherboard. We can repair any damage to the printed circuit board & change any defective component or integrated circuit, in order to restore the good operation of your motherboard.

Due to the essence of the issue, the specific time and servicing costs are connotative and can not be predetermined, as they turn to directly on the excess of the damage.

Hardware Solution

  • • After opening the body of your Moto mobile, Next, Remove the microSD card, Battery & SIM Card.

  • • Disconnect the front-facing camera cable connector.

  • • Disconnect the headphone jack cable connector.

  • • Disconnect the speaker cable connector.

  • • Use the flat end of a spade to disconnect the rear-facing camera connector.

  • • Using tweezers, or your pointers, slide the rear-facing camera out of its dent in the motherboard.

All of the above steps will positively help you to fix your Moto Mobile Motherboard problems in the best possible manner. Otherwise, Replace the Moto Motherboard to your mobile. after fixing the parts in your mobile.

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