How to Fix Moto Mobile Back Cover Issues

How to Fix Moto Mobile Back cover issues

Issues - Moto Mobile Back Cover Issues

The Moto mobile is currently one of the hottest selling phones in the Android smart phones segment.


  • • Back cover is loose

  • • Shake and rattle a bit

  • • It slides when you move the phone

Reasons of Issues

  • • Mobile is damaged or loose

  • • When it shakes, the back cover is default felt down.

  • • Back cover style does not look good


This has mitigated the issue for some people. If you do to replacement cover, then make sure you open it the correctly to avoid any future damage.

Hardware Solution

If you get a replacement back cover and it still feels loose, then you can always try an alternative repair for yourself. We have seen a couple of different methods through online. Some people stick a small piece of tape or paper to the inside of the cover, others have tried putting a tiny bit of superglue into the openings on the back cover where it clips to the phone and letting it dry before putting it back on for a tighter fit.

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