Motorola Mic Replacement

Motorola Mic Replacement

Motorola Mic Replacement


  • • No sound is accepted MIC.

  • • MIC goes Mute while calling.

  • • Low Sound Capturing.

Manual Solution

  • • Go to settings & check volume level.

  • • Check MIC using sound recorder.

  • • Restart your phone and check

  • • Clear the MIC hole with the help of the pin.

Hardware Solution

  • • Make sure that MIC rubber cap is intact and free from any kind of damage.

  • • Note MIC capacitor

  • • Check MIC capacitor which is at the opposite side of the board, replace if damaged.

  • • Check the connection between the negative terminal of MIC to the Capacitor and IC. If there is no continuity then:

  • • Check charging dock onboard connector, if there is no continuity then re-solder.

  • • Now check charging dock strip connector, if the issue is in strip connector then change the entire charging dock and check.

  • • Now check the connection from Positive terminal (From Capacitor which is at the board back) to the capacitor/coils. Change Capacitor / Coil if damaged.

If all steps fail then heat or re-ball Audio IC. If it still fails then replace MIC for Moto Mobiles.

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