How to Solve Moto Audio Jack Issues

How to Solve Moto Audio Jack Issues

How to Solve Moto Audio Jack Issues


  • • No Sound in Earphones.

  • • Low Sound.

  • • Distorted Sound.

  • • Unbalanced Sound in each earphone.

Reasons of Issues

  • • Your headphones / earphones might be damage.

  • • Pins might have lost continuity or connections with their corresponding coils, capacitors or diodes.

  • • The problem also arises due to losing contact between audio jack strip and the audio jack’s onboard connector.

  • • Audio Jack in-turn might have become damaged, due to dust, physical damage, water damage.


  • • Check volume settings for headphones.

  • • Restart Mobile and check.

  • • Check with any other working headphones, if you don’t get any problem in headphones then change headphones & check. If it is not any problem then the next you go to the hardware solution.

Hardware Solution

  • • The first thing that you need to do to remove & re-fix audio jack strip and check, the mostly problem is loose between Audio Jack strip and Audio Jack connector.

  • • Check any running Audio Jack, mostly your Audio Jack is broken, & so that you can do in order to replace it with a working one.

  • • Now fasten all the pins of Audio Jack connector & check.

  • • Check continuity between 10th Pin of audio jack onboard connector, Coil – 1 and then finally with Diode.

All the steps are surely going to fix the issue, in case any of the capacitor or coils is found to be faulty then change it immediately, as there is no other solution than that. Usually, Audio Jack issue in Moto doesn’t occur, but when it does some basic steps are quite complete in order to fix the issue in the best manner.

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