Motorola Mobile Camera Replacement

Motorola Mobile Camera Replacement

Motorola Mobile Camera Replacement

Moto definitely did its best on their all new model phone, and every time they have offered the users with their guaranteed set of specs and features. However, they have also offered some things that they never promised and one of the Camera failed bug.
In the following lines, you will get to know about Moto camera failed error bug along with all of its feasible solutions.


  • • The camera is not accessible.

  • • “Warning: Camera Failed” error message whenever Moto's camera is accessed.

Reasons of Problems

  • • The cache can also cause the similar problem.

  • • Any third party app might be the root of this issue, as sometimes a third party app interrupts the normal camera function.

  • • Sometimes SD card is also the reason of the problem.

Hardware Solution

In the following steps, you will get to know about all the probable solutions to overcome the issue.
You should go to restart your phone. In most cases this is able to get, but if it doesn’t work then go to the next action.

  • • Now go to Settings.

  • • Application manager.

  • • Select Camera App.

  • • Click “Force Stop”

  • • Click Clear Cache button.

  • • Click Clear Data button then check If that thing was able to resolve your Issue.

Restart your Moto phone and go into the option of “Wipe Cache Partition”. After it is completed, go to the option of “Reboot System Now”.

It is probable that another third party app that either uses the camera or is associated with Moto’s Flashlight is causing the problem. In order to check whether this is caused by some third party app, all you have to restart your phone into Safe Mode and restart your camera again, if your Moto mobile camera works this time then it means that the problem is in the third party app. Restart your phone in normal mode and remove that app.

In case, all methods fail then take Micro SD card and check the status of your camera, as sometimes Micro SD card is the main reason.

Restore factory settings on your phone, this could be able to solve your problem. But this one could be considered as the last option.

If nothing works for you then your camera must be broken and you need to get it repaired from us.

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